The Benefits of Cable Vs. Online Streaming

If you enjoy watching television, then you have two primary options. You can stick with cable TV which has been around for decades. However, you may want to use internet streaming services instead. Either option allows you to watch television, although each has unique benefits and drawbacks. To get an idea of which may be best for you, consider the perks of each option.

Cable Television

People are used to disliking cable companies so it may be hard to understand why it was an option in the first place. There are hundreds of channels available with cable and available all the time. Most of the time, cable television does work. You don't have to worry about experiencing delays or waiting for buffering because of bandwidth limitations.

Cable television also offers convenient billing with a familiar layout. If you get both your television and internet service from the same company, then you'll only get one bill for both services. Most people are familiar with program guides and the channels that they get. This may not be the case when it comes to streaming services. Cable companies have also made great strides when it comes to their technology. Instead of the bulky set-up boxes that were difficult to set up, many companies offer easy set-up with high dynamic range.

Finally, cable companies are developing stripped-down plans in order to compete with cable-replacement services. These plans are much less expensive and often cost about the same as internet streaming plans. Some of them may even be less expensive so this may appeal to people who just enjoy surfing the TV.

Online Streaming

Today's online streaming services address many of the problems of older cable services. People today are turning to these services and finding that they have more choices than ever. One large benefit is that consumers can easily change their mind. If they're using a service and find that it simply doesn't offer the value that they want, they can switch to another program or just cancel. This can usually be done conveniently online without a frustrating conversation or appointment.

One large reason why people make the switch is the lower prices. While many cable companies offer some lower-priced plans, some of the plans are going to be less than half of what you'd pay for cable. People also typically will share their plans within families so the cost of one streaming service can be shared on a few devices. The price and ability to share services is a huge draw.

What really makes online streaming popular though is that it doesn't come with confusing fees. Reading through a cable bill is an exercise in frustration for many who don't understand the hidden fees and extra costs tacked onto their bills. A streaming service typically only has one charge. The price may go up over time and often does but the bill is straightforward.

Making the Choice

While each of these options has its own benefits, each person may want to review what will work best for them. There's no clear winner so it's likely that your own personal habits are going to be the deciding factor when deciding between services.